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Positive April 16-17 - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Positive April 16-17 [Apr. 18th, 2012|04:34 am]
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April 16 (hard day, so I’m gonna be grabbing at scraps here; bear with me):

1. Turned in my springtime_gen fic.

2. Signed up to be on the Sherlock BBC team in the Fandom Combat game. I’m gonna be one of their vidders it looks like.

3. Posted my dark_fest fic.

4. Watching GoT ep 3 <3 Not wild about Brienne (given how fond fandom seems to be of paring her with Jaime) but ohhhh the canon slash :D

5. Long nap. Not so good for keeping my sleep schedule on track, but good for not being super sleepy and feeling like shit in the given moment.

April 17:

1. For the first time since getting my laptop almost three years ago I have a wallpaper up. (Before, I just had the standard blue Toshiba desktop.) It features fanart of my OTP and is all around super pretty.

2. Edward and I danced a wicked Hustle at club today. I really think we should compete with it, but I don’t think he’s buying it.

3. Eating really, really yummy chocolate candy. They were part of my Easter goodie bag from mom. They sell them at Borders at the cash register but they cost kind of a lot, even if I were to just buy a bag at the store. But oh man, they’re good.

4. Read some really good Sherlock fic by my favorite fic author. He has an incredible talent and although there is something very creepy about being made to feel pity/empathy toward Moriarty it’s still awesome fic.

5. Got my extension approved at an exchange I'm writing for. Phew. I really need that extension.