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Why, Sherlock Fandom, why? - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Why, Sherlock Fandom, why? [Apr. 21st, 2012|01:20 am]
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I hate Moriarty.

I really, really, fucking do. And I don’t understand WHY THE HELL do so many people like him/sympathize with him. I’m not even talking about his mannerisms – which I don’t, honestly find attractive – and I’m not even going to touch the obvious insanity thing, just in case some smart ass wants to start a debate about mental illness and whatnot.

It’s not that.

He is the head of a criminal empire, he is a “consulting criminal” – basically meaning that he helps people steal, murder and otherwise harm other people. Or, he simply steals, murders and harms other people through the use of middlemen. Which is now not just disgusting and low and everything, but also cowardly. HE FUCKING SUPPORTS TERRORISTS!

I like shady characters, I like bad boys, I like ambiguous characters, I sympathize with characters who get sucked into doing something probably immoral or feel like they must do the wrong thing for a good (relative to them) reason, characters with misguided ideologies. Ok. BUT MORIARTY ISN’T ANY OF THAT. He just does what he does for the same sort of reason that Sherlock does it – for fun. Out of boredom. Because he can. Whatever. Except Sherlock solves crimes. Moriarty causes them.

He’s evil, ok. I mean…I don’t like the word “evil” so much, it sounds to storybook, too no-realistic. But Moriarty is one of those people who gets as close to evil as possible.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people in fandom actually like him. I don’t mean like “oh I wanna play with this antagonist character for a bit” or “I wanna ship a paring with this evil character for fun and crack” but they seriously sympathize with him. I even know of a person who’s writing a fic in which Mycroft is sort of a “bad guy” for interrogating Moriarty. Oh please. People like Moriarty need to be interrogated and eliminated (brought to justice). (Also, in that fic Sebastian Moran is Moriarty’s lover and there’s all this hurt/comfort after Moriarty’s first arrest. It’s such a huge dissonance. It’s…really weird.)

Honestly, I think Moriarty’s death was too good for him. Quick, on his own terms. No. If he IS somehow brought back, I hope in the end he does die, in a more appropriate way. ….Seriously, I’m not a vengeful person, I usually don’t like revenge themes in stories and I don’t care for violence in fics and if I beat up characters in fics it’s only for h/c purposes. But with Moriarty…I can’t stand him. And the fact that so many in fandom have deemed him likeable, only makes me more irritated and makes me want to fuck him up even more.

Really hope Mycroft and co. did a fine job of the cunt.

[User Picture]From: rumpledlinen
2012-04-21 06:42 pm (UTC)
I really really really love Moriarty, but mainly because (a) Andrew Scott is really fun to look at and his voice etc (basically Andrew Scott makes Moriarty likable) and (b) He is so insane. His fucking ringtone is Staying Alive.

But mainly the first thing. I dunno. I love him but I don't sympathize with him (and I don't actually think he's dead, for a lot of reasons but mainly because there was no blood around his head when he shot himself in the head). I think sometimes people take "loving the bad boy" too far - like the Voldemort stans who talk about how misunderstood he is. Are you kidding me.
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