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Tired of Falling Asleep Alone (Teddy/Anton) - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tired of Falling Asleep Alone (Teddy/Anton) [May. 2nd, 2012|03:59 am]
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Title: Tired of Falling Asleep Alone
Author: alley_skywalker
Paring: Teddy Donsov/Anton Kudrin
Rating: PG
Warnings: slash
Word Count: 725
Summary: Theodore's in workoholic mode. Anton's tired of falling asleep alone (and a little worried that his lover might have a death wish).
Notes: Written for the hc_bingo prompt "exhaustion."

Theodore works a lot these days. Long hours, sometimes from early morning and into the night. Anton insists that he forgets to eat more often than not, but they can’t quite agree on that one. Theodore knows, of course, that if he took at least one case off of his case load his life would be so much easier. But he wants to prove himself – desperately – so he’s taking everything he can. The high profile cases, the ones that will pay him the most, the ones that his boss wants him to take… He can handle it, he’s certain. He knows his limits well and he won’t over commit.

The only thing he realizes sometimes is that this isn’t fair to Anton. Tony deserves to have his lover around at least some times. But Theodore knows this isn’t forever. Once he has that damned promotion he can go back to normal hours.

The middle of the week is roughest, around Wednesday night. The words on the computer monitor blur and Theodore has to stop repeatedly to rub his eyes before he can continue reading and re-reading, proofing, fixing, re-writing. He feels dizzy and maybe he had forgotten to eat this time around. Or maybe he’s just forgotten what he had for dinner. The words blur more often and just re-focusing his gaze or giving his head a slight shake doesn’t cut it anymore.

Finally, he leans back and stares blankly at the computer screen, trying to glare it down as though the hapless laptop is the source of all his troubles. There’s a pulsing in his temples and Theodore knows that he is far-far beyond a plausible limit for sleep-deprivation. But …just this brief. Just thing one…

Hands on his shoulders make Theodore look up. He does it a little too sharply out of surprise and the room swims nauseatingly around him. “Fuck…”

“It’s just me, you don’t have to jump. I made you tea.” Anton’s voice makes Theodore relax and he leans back into his lover’s touch, closing his eyes. He opens them after a moment and regards the tea cup on the table in front of him. He reaches for it and misses it the first time, then grabs hold and takes a long, satisfying drink.

Tony starts to massage his shoulders, loosening cramped muscles and Theodore feels the tension leave his neck and upper-back in a torrent. The after affect is a dizzy relaxation which makes him feel even more sleepy. Tony stops after a few minutes and leans forward, hugging Theodore around the shoulders from behind. “You need to go to bed.”

“Can’t. I should get this done.”

“Stop being so stubborn, you idiot. You’ve always been a workaholic but this is ridiculous. I’m tired of falling asleep alone.”

Theodore scoffs. “It’s just until I get the promotion.”

“Teddy?” There is just a hint of exasperation in Anton’s voice. “You won’t get anything of quality done in this state. You’re not going to tell me you can concentrate much or at all right now. You have to be up at eight; it’s almost three. Three to four hours of sleep a night is just not healthy.”

Theodore wants to take Anton’s hands off his shoulders, open his eyes and get back to work. But he finds himself absolutely incapable of doing any of that. Anton kisses his temple and nuzzles lovingly against his hair. “I worry about you,” the boy whispers and Theodore feels a rush of exhausted tenderness toward him. He turns in the chair and pulls Tony in for a proper kiss.

Anton is right. He can’t work anymore, it’s too hard. He’ll probably only end up with an incoherent result and that’s worse than no result at all. So he closes his laptop and stands. The room swims again and it’s only thanks to Tony’s hand on his arm that Theodore doesn’t fall over. He manages to get to bed and Tony helps with the buttons on his button-down. Once under the blankets with the light off, he begins to drift off instantly. Tony joins him a few seconds later, tucking himself under Theodore’s arm as is usual for them. He makes a small contented, mauling sound settling down. Sleepily, Theodore smiles and mumbles, “You selfish dick.”

Anton laughs softly and kisses his temple. “Shut up and sleep.”