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What should I write? - Poll - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What should I write? - Poll [May. 12th, 2012|04:07 pm]
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So. I'm doing the het_bigbang again this year and I'm having a SUPER hard time deciding what I'm going to write. I may be a HP fic again but I have like...well, at least three big ideas. So here's a poll, your votes are much appreciated.

IDEA 1: Pairing: OC het paring, lots of supporting canon characters/shipps
Plotbunny: The first war is in full swing. Anatole Bonfante, a young Death Eater, is engaged to a beautiful half-veela, Anastasia, and everything in their relationship seems to be going perfect. Of course, that is because he has no idea that she is about to betray him, seduced to the other side of the war by an Auror who hates him and a childhood friend who loves Anastasia as well and is jealous of him. In the background, the war rages, the young Death Eaters train and bond, Antonin Dolohov tries to mend his broken heart after a failed relationship with Bellatrix through what may or may not be a successful flirtation with Eleanor, Anatole’s older sister, the Malfoys are trying to conceive an heir and so on… (War! Intrigue! Love triangles! Angst!)

IDEA 2: Pairing: Antonin/Pansy (also Draco/Pansy and others in small doses)
Plotbunny: Antonin is the Lord’s Chief Commanding Officer. Pansy is sixteen, about to be formally engaged to Draco and all too willing to fight in the War, despite being “a lady.” Basically, Pansy falls for Antonin. It’s something that boarders on hero-worship and contains a heavy dose of fascination with an older man. Antonin also develops feelings for her (is it because she reminds him of a young Bellatrix?). They both know it’s wrong for many-many reasons but neither can help it. Basically there’s lots of UST and angst which explodes into a “resolution” not long before the Battle of Hogwarts.

IDEA 3. Pairing: Lily Luna/Slytherin OMC, healthy dose of Albus/Scorpius on the side and other het, mostly canon background parings
Plotbunny: NextGen. Lily Potter married a Slytherin, a Rosier, a grandson of a DE and Pansy Parkinson’s son. But she’s happy, despite the doubts of her friends and family. She and Amiri really have a great thing going…until she realizes she has missed the revolution brewing in her sitting room. No Dark Lord this time, just a political coup that sparks armed hostilities. To make it worse, her husband’s friends are trying to convince him to use their baby son as a bargaining chip and Lily doesn’t even know if she can trust Albus anymore. War!fic with Lily at the center.

Which one would you be most interested in reading?

Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3