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Dear Rarepair Fest Author [Jul. 11th, 2012|10:54 am]
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Dear Rarepair Fest Author,
Thank you for writing for me! These parings are near and dear to my heart and I’m very excited that someone will write me a story with one of them. Optional details are optional, but I suppose you’ve come here looking for some more information, so here’s a quick rundown.



Likes: slash, het, certain femslash (and gen but this is a paring fest so…), love-triangles, all ratings up to R, romantic/emotional aspects of relationships
Dislikes: threesomes, polyamory, incest (unless asked for specifically), parings with large age disparity (over 10 yrs) unless specifically stated otherwise, pedophilia, characters under 16 involved in sexual situations/relationships, PWPs, BDSM and heavy kink (scat, watersports, bloodplay, necro, etc), non-com/rape, MPreg, cross-dressing, genderbending/genderswap, bestiality.

Genres/Themes (and such):
Likes: angst, hurt/comfort (especially of the m/m variety), fluff, cuddling/snuggling, adorable!fic, dark!fic, banter, well-rounded characters, characters with emotions/motives
Dislikes: crack!fic/parody, radical AUs that subvert the universe (genderswaping the cast, setting a modern fandom as a fairytale, turning a historical fandom all Sifi, etc), crossovers*, intentional OOCness, character bashing (you can bash Moriarty though :p), girl as the hurt one in het h/c.

*not because I hate crossovers, but because I’m picky and if I don’t know the crossover fandom I’m afraid I won’t enjoy the fic as much.


Harry Potter
Antonin Dolohov/Bellatrix Lestrange
This is like one of my HP OTPs. My headcanon is that they are the same age, or about at least, went to school together and were kinda school sweethearts. Bella’s marriage to Roddy was arranged, etc. you don’t have to stick with that at all, though, of course; do with it what you want. I would like it to be at least ultimately mutual, not just a one-sided thing. This can be as romantic or angsty as you want, a mix would be lovely. I would love to see an exploration of their relationship before and/or during the First War but wouldn’t be opposed to Second War fic if that’s what your muse fancies. I will also note, though, that I kinda see Bella’s insanity as largely a product of Azkaban. She can be extremist before than though, if you like, but please, no psycho-Bella pre-Second War.

Antonin Dolohov/Pansy Parkinson
Yea…. The age difference is a little daunting, therefore, I do ask that Tony is no older than 45 here. I’m not really looking for this to be a Lolita thing or anything lol, but I do feel like it could be such glorious UST. I kinda prefer UST with this one, though a resolution would be cool too. I kinda see Pansy as being fascinated with Dolohov as an older man and someone who has a lot of authority in the Dark Lord’s ranks. I also would be interested in seeing this from Tony’s POV though, how does he feel about Pansy? Is this more platonic/psudo-romantic where he is all protective of her as a young girl or is it a guilty pleasure sort of attracting to this lovely young woman. I love a strong Pansy, but she’s still very young and I think that will have an impact.

Evan Rosier/Severus Snape
This is my HP slash OTP <3 I love the angst potential here. I wouldn’t mind fluff either, though, if you want. I would love to see these two during the First War, perhaps a progression of their relationship. I would seriously like this to be mutual. You don’t have to ignore canon/Lily, I’m all for Severus/Lily, but once she’s out of the picture, I would love to see Sev having a fulfilling relationship with Evan. Oh, yes, hurt/comfort is your friends :D That being said, how does Sev’s betrayal fit into this? How does that effect him emotionally – knowing you’re betraying your friends and your lover? Does Evan have suspicions? And if he does but can’t bring himself to tell/confront Sev – oh the glorious angst! Lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sev’s reaction to Evan’s death.

Scorpius Malfoy/Lysander Scamander
These two! I can see angst for them, if you want, but I think for me this has always been more of a romantic/fluffy type paring. I see both of them in Slytherin but I’m not very picky about Lysander’s house. Please, let Scorpius be a Slytherin though. I also have a squick for poor!Malfoys or outcast!Malfoys or bullied!Scorpius, etc along those lines and I’d appreciate it if you avoided that trope. Otherwise, just about anything goes. I think I have an especially soft stop for mush and h/c with this paring though, if you’d like a genre direction :)

Sherlock BBC
John Watson/Molly Hooper
I kinda feel bad for Molly. I think I just really identify with her and Sherlock’s treatment of her…is totally in character for Sherlock, but that doesn’t make it that much better does it? Somehow I just feel like she and John would be a good fit. Maybe not in a fiery, passionate romance sort of way or anything, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be meaningful. I would love to see a fic where Molly actually doesn’t know about Sherlock being alive (I don’t care how that works out) and she and John start to bond over memories of Sherlock and their shared sense of loss and then end up getting closer and closer to each other, etc. But I would also enjoy seeing a similar scenario in which Molly does know about Sherlock’s plan/that he’s alive and see what extra tension that adds to her relationship with John.

John Watson/Mycroft Holmes

Similarly to the above, I would be interested in seeing a post-TRF scenario. Mycroft can be helping Sherlock all along or maybe he doesn’t know his brother is alive. I think it would be interesting to see John come to terms with Mycroft’s “betrayal” of Sherlock and realize that Mycroft was doing what he thought was best.

Pirates of the Caribbean

James Norrington/Will Turner

Something pre-canon is preferable. I'd love to see some UST. I originally said I’d like it to be from Will’s side but maybe not. I think it would be fun to see the canon James/Elizabeth/Will triangle as actually a James/Will/Elizabeth triangle. I mean, it’s not like Norrington – upright, “proper” Norrington – would even think about taking a male lover right?  Well, think – dream – maybe, but that’s about it ;) NOT SPARRABETH. Anywhere. Ever. Please.

James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann

I thought James’ "redemption" and his kiss with Elizabeth was incredibly sweet and sad. I don't know...maybe an AU of some sort where James doesn't die? Or if you want to go for angsty pre-canon of some sort that's great too. Maybe a not so angsty AU where there’s no Will or something. Either way though, please don’t bath Will at all – he’s my favorite character.

The L Word

Jenny Schecter/Tim

I think I only liked Jenny at all during the first couple of seasons max but her relationship with Tim intrigues me and I actually really liked them together. I'm thinking that perhaps Jenny is bi but just has some sort of...feminist fixation. She just seemed too happy with Tim to not actually have loved him. But you don't have to do that, she could have been mistaken but that could add a whole new angst aspect to it. Tim always struck me as an alright guy who really wanted to be with her and ended with a rotten deal. I'd like to see their relationship as it was before the whole Marina thing happened.

Alice Pieszecki/Tasha Williams

I really love these two, they're probably my OTP for this fandom. more or less anything with them will work for me. Honestly, more or less anything from a dramatic exploration of their relationship to something fluffy and totally domestic. I think they’re a great mixture of sexy and sweet and proof that two people who are quite different can still be happy together. (Note: I’m about 2 episodes away from finishing the season. I’ve heard vaguely that some shit happens. If I get new ideas once I finish watching the show I’ll edit them in here.)

Thank you again, and have fun!