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Thinking about life can be depressing... - alley_skywalker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thinking about life can be depressing... [Aug. 21st, 2012|03:48 am]
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So my mother has just told me that:
-People who are prettier are more likely to get a good job. (Any job, we're not talking about like modeling or something where looks are an obvious requirement.)
-If you're a girl and you don't wear makeup you are very likely to have a hard time getting a job.

I think that's so utterly stupid.
Thinking about it though....I suppose if you have to equality matched candidates and they're both women, it's very likely that the prettier one will get the job. Especially if a man is highering. And since makeup makes you prettier (usually) you would stand a better chance.
Now. That's enough to piss me off like hell. Now, ok, the world is unfair and sexist and etc. BUT I do think that my mother was taking it a little too far. I mean... seriously. Since when is make up a job requirement? Nor have I ever read in any of those "interview tips" articles that make up is a must-do (even those that talk about the right clothes to wear and superficial things like that). 
It's all sad really. The hypocracy, the superficiality. IDEK.

...Which, btw, also makes me think that this is why I like bad boy characters so much. The ones with a supposedly screwed marality. The ones that come off as selfish, or just are selfish. (Brian Kinney, Theodore Dolokhov come to mind off the bat.) Or, at least, I don't find them as repulsive as so many other people do. After all, hey, it's scew or get screwed and that's how they're living their life. Yes, morality blah blah blah, just becasue other people as asswholes doesn't mean you should be. But seriously, I understand the urge to just say 'fuck this, I'm tired of being/I'm not gonna be the one screwed over.' After all, it's not like you were the one to set the shitty rules.